Oct. 20th, 2009 03:37 pm
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For those of you on Twitter, Ellen DeGeneres is doing something at Sewell GMC on Lemmon Ave. It probably involves a giveaway, possibly of a car. Keep an eye on @TheEllenShow for updates!
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Hiya, folks!

Stuff going on in DFW this week:

* The State Fair! The Fair runs through the 18th, there's still plenty of time to go check out all the fried food and Fair type activities.

* Cyclesomatic, a week long bicycle festival in North Oak Cliff, is on through the 10th. I don't know much more then that but they've got a great graphic designer for their posters.

* The 19th AIDS Lifewalk is on Sunday at Lee Park (on Turtle Creek). [pokes website] Not sure what time it starts, but I imagine it's morning-ish.

* U2 and Muse are playing the Dallas Cowboys Stadium on Monday.

* The West End is apparently hosting a free live concert series.

And outside DFW:

* The Texas Renaissance Festival open down outside Houston on the 10th. It's a great fair - much bigger then Scarborough, and I'm totally going down for Halloween (for that extra touch of crazy).

A personal plug - I'm working with some folks to put together a SciFi/Fantasy book club - you can find us here on Facebook and here at our 'official' (and under construction, though the book list is correct) blog. Book and discussion focus will be on feminist, queer, and anti-racist themes, first book is 'Un Lun Dun' by China MiƩville.

What's going on in your part of town?
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Hey folks! Sorry about the (really) long radio silence; it's more then time get this comm back up and running. To that end, I've posted a welcome and a couple basic rules over on the profile and written up a bunch of tags. Feel free to comment on any of it!

And to kick us off properly:

* It's Pride weekend! The 26th Annual Texas Freedom Parade starts tomorrow at 2pm in Oak Lawn.

* It's also FenCon weekend. The convention is being held at the Crowne Plaza North Dallas in Addison with events running through tommorrow.

* The Uptown Festival in Uptown Dallas is next Saturday (the 26th) from 11am to 10pm.

* Speaking of festivals, Oktoberfest is right around the corner and there are a tons of events planned in the area - check out this list or with your favorite purveyor of alcoholic beverages.

* The Dallas Summer Musicals are well underway - Mary Poppins opens at Fair Park on the 24th and runs until October 18th.

* You can even take the train to go see them - the DART Green Line opened four stops last weekend at Deep Ellum, Baylor University Medical Center, Fair Park, and MLK, Jr. Victory Station is also now running full time (finally).

Know of more events being held this week? Post and share 'em!
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Hiya, folks, and welcome to Dallas/Fort Worth - a community for all things Dallas and (you guessed it) Fort Worth. My apologies for the vast empty spaces you see around you - I'm still trying to figure out how this comm will function (practical like).

But! In the meantime, anyone want to get together for Open Beta? All the other cool kids locality-based comms are doing it, we dfw-ers should totally get in on that.

My suggestion is Friday or Saturday, somewhere with easy access to DART and TRE. The question is, Dallas or Fort Worth (or one of the outlying cities)? Restaurant, food court, bar, park (picnic!), other?

EDIT: Okay, we're getting pretty close to the wire here (yay!), so how about this: I'll be at the Border's Cafe in Uptown on Friday the 1st, 'round 7:30pm (this is, of course, flexible). It's a couple blocks from the Cityplace Dart station and there's plenty of not-quite legal parking at the Albertsons across the street. And they have wifi! Anyone else interested in being there, let me know!


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