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Hiya, folks!

Stuff going on in DFW this week:

* The State Fair! The Fair runs through the 18th, there's still plenty of time to go check out all the fried food and Fair type activities.

* Cyclesomatic, a week long bicycle festival in North Oak Cliff, is on through the 10th. I don't know much more then that but they've got a great graphic designer for their posters.

* The 19th AIDS Lifewalk is on Sunday at Lee Park (on Turtle Creek). [pokes website] Not sure what time it starts, but I imagine it's morning-ish.

* U2 and Muse are playing the Dallas Cowboys Stadium on Monday.

* The West End is apparently hosting a free live concert series.

And outside DFW:

* The Texas Renaissance Festival open down outside Houston on the 10th. It's a great fair - much bigger then Scarborough, and I'm totally going down for Halloween (for that extra touch of crazy).

A personal plug - I'm working with some folks to put together a SciFi/Fantasy book club - you can find us here on Facebook and here at our 'official' (and under construction, though the book list is correct) blog. Book and discussion focus will be on feminist, queer, and anti-racist themes, first book is 'Un Lun Dun' by China MiƩville.

What's going on in your part of town?


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